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Five things I’ve learned in the past week: 1. “Bedrest” sounds infinitely more enjoyable and relaxing than it actually is 2. Even while hobbling like a pirate on a wooden leg it is possible to whip up a batch of heavenly ginger cookies (and nobody should consume more than 5 … Source: braised beef cheeks […]

Some says life is easy!! my stand? Life is a balance of easy and difficult. When you prepare for the complications of life and know that no matter what life has to offer you… it always has two sides and in each course it’s up to you how you handle it when it comes to […]

In a small town lived a beautiful young man with gorgeous long and thick golden hair and beautiful shiny blue eyes. All the girls in the street fell in love with him and he was so very attractive that also all the boys in the street fell in love with him. Also the boys and […]