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Take 3kg of crab apples — Life in Mud Spattered Boots

Walk along the footpath around Lakes Field and each wild apple and crab apple tree is marked by a scattering of apples across the path. via Take 3kg of crab apples — Life in Mud Spattered Boots Advertisements

Sanity ! / Cessation . — mysuccessisyoursuccess

Where ever there is love there is peace. Where ever there is no love there is no peace. All efforts for reconciliation definitely cease. In our human terms everything is based on yours and mine. Peace is absolutely something people failed to define. When did the world witnessed sanity reign ? Without honest intentions ,solution […] […]

Talking Good: on Grammar and Communication — Annie Cardi

Love this video about language, linguistic prescriptivists and descriptivists, and why it’s okay to bend the rules. I’m a big rule-follower, especially when it comes to language. (I’ve gotten a major thrill from referencing specific sections in the Chicago Manual of Style in non-writing work conversations.) But communication is more than a set of rules–each […]

My Morning ! / Splendor . — mysuccessisyoursuccess

My morning is the splendor of your lips kisses . The brightness in your charming eyes. My morning is the breeze of yearning , To your breathe and to your delightful presence. My morning is the melody the canary sings. When l hear your sweet voice in my ears. My morning is your fragrance which […] […]

EverEnding DevBlog 173: Rude Lemon

This week was mostly just working on the grass tileset, small tweaks to make the transitions seamless, big tweaks to give more of a sense of light and atmosphere. While I had directional lighting i… Source: EverEnding DevBlog 173: Rude Lemon

Branching out

Blue skies after days of no sun And the sight of an 850-year-old tree Tickling the sky brings joy. I love the way the branches of winter-bare trees Seem frozen in the middle of a dance. Nature uses… Source: Branching out


Source: Haunted