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My Morning ! / Splendor . — mysuccessisyoursuccess

My morning is the splendor of your lips kisses . The brightness in your charming eyes. My morning is the breeze of yearning , To your breathe and to your delightful presence. My morning is the melody the canary sings. When l hear your sweet voice in my ears. My morning is your fragrance which […] […]

EverEnding DevBlog 173: Rude Lemon

This week was mostly just working on the grass tileset, small tweaks to make the transitions seamless, big tweaks to give more of a sense of light and atmosphere. While I had directional lighting i… Source: EverEnding DevBlog 173: Rude Lemon

Branching out

Blue skies after days of no sun And the sight of an 850-year-old tree Tickling the sky brings joy. I love the way the branches of winter-bare trees Seem frozen in the middle of a dance. Nature uses… Source: Branching out